About J. H. Nalley, Writer

J. H. Nalley,  is a full-time travel journalist specializing in travel, history, and cultural topics. His favorite writing assignments have been on travel in Central America. Whether it is about the slower pace, the shoeless boys playing soccer in open lots, the rice and beans or the blue lakes, he loves writing about them. 

In addition to this travel blog, he is a featured travel writer for the Latin America and Caribbean travel section at Suite 101, a popular online magazine based in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, he is the leading historical contributor  and columnist for Discover Maine magazine, an award-winning monthly publication that focuses on history and travel in Maine's beautiful urban and wilderness regions.

When he is not writing travel or historical articles, he is a busy academic editor for the Enago Corporation with offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Mumbai, India. His articles have been published in more than 100 magazines, journals, and websites with highlights that include:
  • Elks National (with a readership of one million)
  • USAToday Travel
  • Discover Maine Magazine (Leading Contributor and Columnist)
  • Suite101.com (Feature Travel Writer) 
  • Listosaur.com (Feature Travel Writer)
  • Demand Media Studios (Regular Contributor)
  • Ponds and Gardens USA 
  • Pennsylvania Magazine
  • Rock and Gem Magazine
  • Ohio History
  • Bend of the River Magazine
  • FIDO Friendly Magazine
  • Arizona Wildlife Magazine

Nalley lives part of the year in Nicaragua and feels at "home" whenever he is there. Whether  sitting in a handcrafted rocking chair made by craftsmen from Los Pueblos Blancos, eating fresh fish on the beach at Poneloya, or exploring the beautiful churches in León, he enjoys writing about it. His favorite travel activities include hiking through the rain forests, climbing mountains, relaxing on a quiet beach, enjoying different customs and exploring ancient structures. All of Nalley's articles are based on first-hand experiences and he has visited every destination that he has written about.

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